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In order to encourage students to maintain good classroom behavior, we have instituted the following discipline plan:
There is a three-step process before a student is sent from the classroom for disruptive/disrespectful behavior: [br] 1. Verbal Warning
 [br] 2. Name on the Board
 [br] 3. Check after Name
 [br] [br] Once a student receives a check after their name, they should quietly leave the classroom and report to the office. NOTE: There may be behaviors that are so disruptive or disrespectful that they do not make it through this three-step process before being sent to the office.

Once students are sent to the office, this is the procedure:
[br] The first visit to the office results in a telephone call home.
The second visit to the office results in suspension for the remainder of the current day and the next full school day.
The third visit to the office results in suspension for the remainder of the current day, two full-day suspensions, and a referral to the School Attendance Review Board.
It is our hope that this plan results in creating classrooms that provide the optimum learning environment for all students.


We have many low grades at this Progress Reporting period and are concerned about the students who are in danger of failing classes who are participating in the activities we have available. For this reason, we are instituting a policy similar to that used previously by Loyalton Middle School. We will be checking grades every Monday. Students who have D’s or F’s in their current course grades, must attend tutoring Monday-Thursday from 3:10-4:00 pm or produce evidence that their grades have improved before they can attend practice or participate in other field trips or activities. Because of the late notice this year, we are not preventing students from attending pre-scheduled athletic contests, but strongly encourage parents to help us get these students back into passing range. CIF requires that students be eligible at the end of Quarter 1, Semester 1, Quarter 3, and Semester 2 to participate in athletics for the following quarter. This requirement does not allow for students who are ineligible at those times to gain eligibility sooner than the end of the next grading period. It is simply meant to encourage students to remain eligible during their seasons of sport.