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June 25, 2013

Sierra Plumas Unified School District Policies: If you are interested in viewing the Sierra Plumas Unified School District policies and regulations please follow the following instructions: You may access GAMUT Online by going to, clicking the GO button and then entering the following user name and password.  Username: sierraplumas; Password: public96126. Once logged in, please select “S” and then click on Sierra County/Sierra Plumas Joint USD.

Education provides our children with vital information, the content standards, and a knowledge of the world. Education develops in our students a personal perspective of life, encouraging our children to learn, build opinions and share their points of view while providing necessary basic and advanced skills. Education is not just about the lessons and poems in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life, and the developing ability to achieve greatness.

Announcements: (Be sure to check the website links below for School Site Daily Bulletins and Your School’s news.)

Local Links:

Downieville Schools Website

Downieville Jr/Sr High School Bulletin

Loyalton Elementary School Website

Loyalton Elementary Daily Bulletin

Loyalton High School Website

Loyalton High School Daily Bulletin

Sierra County Government

The Sierra County Office of Education and the Sierra Plumas Joint Unified School District recognize the strong connection between health and the student’s ability to learn. Good nutrition, physical activity and mental health provide the foundation for effective learning and achieving high standards in school. Our desire is to promote healthy eating and physical activity for all students and staff, as well as a safe and healthy school environment. It is our responsibility to remember the schools role in the community, to support family health, and to provide support for mental health for our students. read the policy

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

How do I check my students attendance and Progress? You can check your student’s attendance and progress, grades, completion of assignments by using our web based computer grading system, aka: POWERSCHOOL
Parents and students are given Power School access to check academic progress in classes. Please use the login and passwords provided on the Grade Report to check daily progress. Teachers have their grades updated each week. This is a great way to track homework and class participation. You may also schedule a conference with your student’s teachers.

Is tutoring or extra help available for my student? Yes. Each school offers tutoring. Loyalton High School offers individual and group tutoring from 3 – 4 p.m., and daily at lunch in room 101. Tutoring is also available through CSF for all ages Wednesday afternoons in room 100. Contact your school for more specific site tutoring options and/or schedules.

Do our schools enforce a dress code? Yes. The dress code is designed to maintain a level of decorum which will ensure that the best possible learning environment for teachers and students is created and preserved. Read our STUDENT DRESS REGULATIONS

How do I refer my child for Special Education services?
Contact your local school of residence or the Sierra County Office of Education to make a referral. In order to determine your child’s educational needs, we will discuss your concerns and develop an appropriate assessment plan, if necessary, or help you find guidance and interventions through your local school’s Student Study Team.

Q and A – Test Variations
Questions and Answers about the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Test Variations

Why is ATTENDANCE so important?

Regular attendance is vital to our student’s success in school. Grades may be lowered due to absences, tardiness, or truancies. All students are expected to be on campus or involved in school-sponsored activities for the full extent of each school day. Parents and students are reminded that absence from any part of the school day is undesirable and should be avoided if at all possible by planning appointments and vacations at times that do not conflict with school. Attendance is reported to the office every period. If school must be missed, notify the school before 8:30 a.m. Please make every effort to have students attend at least part of the school day. Students who miss an entire school day for any reason (including illness) are not included in the formula for state funding for that day. (Ed. Code 48205) The loss of funding affects the ability of the school to maintain school programs and affects the greater achievement of our students. Read more about attendance, truancy, and tardiness by clicking here..