Weekly Warrior ~ Downieville School News by Megan Parker

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Weekly Warrior

By Megan Parker


         Hello, readers!  We’ve been super busy and filled with fun here at Downieville School, especially with basketball.

Tuesday, January 28th the girl’s varsity basketball team played Westwood at home.  Best effort of the season, ladies!  The passes connected, shots dropped and you constantly heard a “swoosh”!  Everyone loves that sound.  At halftime the score was 19-21 in favor of Westwood, the best team in the league. Wednesday, January 29th the team played Loyalton at home.  The Grizzlies are considered to be Downieville’s ‘rivals”, so the Lady Warriors played with their all.  Their determination definitely showed!  Friday, January 31st the Lady Warriors played Loyalton again at LHS.  Several students travelled with the team to show their support.  Again, DHS lost–but not without a fight!  They played tough!  Good job, ladies!  Tuesday, February 4th the ladies played an away game in Greenville.  It was a very closely fought contest and the lead went back and forth until the last 20 seconds.  Downieville was in the lead, until two shots were made by Greenville.

The elementary basketball team has been playing too.  Saturday, February 1st they played two games, back to back, in Quincy.  It was fun, fun, fun!  Mr. Fillo reported that the Downieville players learned a lot and realized that the other teams practice more than we do.

Spirit Week was held the week of January 27-31.  Each day was given a theme to which students were supposed to dress.  On Monday, everyone dressed in business attire and looked sharp and ready to work.  The 28th was Disney Tuesday and everyone dressed as a favorite Disney character–lots of princesses in the elementary.  Matthew Lozano dressed as the chef from “Ratatouille”, complete with a rat on his shoulder.  It was cute.  The 29th was “Walking Dead Wednesday”–zombie attire!  Everyone looked fresh out of the grave.  The 30th was Throwback Thursday.  The students had a choice to dress up from the 30s to the 90s.  Fiona Baiker, JoJo Epps and Megan Parker came from the 50s!  Megan and Fiona were “pin-up” girls and JoJo looked like she had stepped out of the movie Grease!  Adorable!  Matthew Lozano dressed from the 20s and looked very professional.  The 31st was “Farmer Friday” and everyone wore a plain ol’ flannel.  It was a very fun week; thank you Student Council.

Wednesday, February 5th, the senior girls attended “Cash for College Night” at LHS.  The evening presentation was all about financial aid for college and it proved to be very helpful.  The FRC rep answered many questions.  In order for a $1000 scholarship to be awarded, a minimum of 25 students had to attend; with our three seniors, the minimum attendance was achieved.  The recipient of the scholarship will be announced in the next month or so.  Thursday, February 6th the seniors were back at LHS for the annual mock interviews.  They had to prepare fake job applications and resumes and were then interviewed by people representing different professions.  The seniors had three to five interviews in the course of the morning event.  The interviewers then evaluated each senior on his/her professionalism and preparation and “performance.”  A big thank you to Mrs. McHenry and Mrs. Fillippini for organizing the event and inviting the Downieville seniors!

Mr. Tassone’s biology students are getting ready for the “incredible edible cell” project.  Students have to make either an animal cell or plant cell.  Everyone is excited to learn about each cell–and then taste them!  The project is due February 18th.

Ms. Schofield’s K-3 class just celebrated their 100th Day of School; it was very fun!  The students are working on compare/contrast essays, too, and are gearing up for Valentine’s Day.

Tomorrow CSF flowers will be delivered.  Thank you all for your support and Happy Valentine’s Day!!