Weekly Warrior ~ Downieville School News by Savannah Burr

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Hello again Weekly Warrior readers! Downieville students, teachers, and coaches alike have all had an extremely exciting past two weeks at school!

To start things off, all of Downieville’s staff and students would like to wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day!! A friendly reminder from CSF–anyone who ordered flowers should expect them to be delivered before 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. Also, the entire CSF chapter would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who supported our flower sales this year. Every contribution to Downieville’s programs really makes a difference, whether it’s donating money, baked goods, or just telling a friend or co-worker about what’s going on at the school.

The high school just finished up their Spirit Week for basketball season! Monday was Management Monday, and every student was supposed to dress up in business attire. First grader, Abby Sainsbury pulled off a fantastic business woman, all inspired by her mother. Tuesday was Disney Tuesday! Every student was supposed to dress up like a famous character from a Disney movie! Little Logan Kinneer came as a spitting image of the old man from the movie UP! Wednesday was Walking Dead Wednesday, a day full of zombies! Fiona Baiker and Matthew Lozano did an amazing job of pulling off zombie attire, complete with bruises, blood, and tattered clothing! Thursday was Throwback Thursday (Yes, it was inspired by Integra), and every student was supposed to dress in an outfit from an earlier decade! Jojo Epps rocked the day with a very 50’s poodle skirt outfit, complete with a ponytail! Last but not least, Friday was Farmer Friday! I’m sure you can assume what the dress code was! Almost the entire school joined in for this day! People wore any flannel they could find, cowboy boots, and hats! Antonio Nevarez definitely outshined the rest of the school with his farmer outfit! With his getup he could’ve fit in on any ranch!

Mr. Tassone’s Biology class is getting really excited to start their new project called “Incredible Edible Cells!” The students are really eager to learn all about cells and eating the projects once they’re finished!

Mrs. Schofield’s class just had their grand celebration for the 100th Day of School!!! They’re also learning all about how to write compare and contrast essays. All of the K-3 students also have very high reading levels! The entire class is very excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The senior girls attended Loyalton’s Cash for College Night February 5th and Mock Interviews on the 6th. The Cash for College Night was a FAFSA workshop held at Loyalton High School by Feather River College Financial Aid Office employees. The work shop was very useful for answering questions about FAFSA, and if 25 students showed up, one student would win a $1,000 scholarship! With the help of Downiville’s three senior girls, exactly 25 students showed up! The scholarship winner will be picked at random from the attending students, and will be informed within the next couple of months. The mock interviews are an event also held every year in Loyalton, put on by Mrs. McHenry and Mrs. Fillippini. It was a day for seniors to be interviewed as if they were applying for an entry level job. Every student was prepared with job applications and résumés. Every student was expected to be interviewed by at least five people by the end of the day. All of the students were really nervous at first, but then quickly realized it wasn’t as intimidating as everyone thought. It was a really fun day, and all of the students left knowing more about people in their community, as well as having made some useful contacts.

Elementary basketball season is in full swing! Saturday, February 1st the team played two games in one day! All of the players had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the basketball techniques that other teams use. The players are very excited to play in their first tournament this Friday in Portola! All of the spectators are really proud of the team for keeping such a positive attitude and a “can-do” spirit!

Varsity Basketball is sadly coming to an end, but not without some very proud moments on the court! January 28th, the Lady Warriors played Westwood at home which was an outstanding game! The coach called it our best game of the season–the passes connected, shots dropped, and points were made! The Warriors lost the game, to the best team in our league mind you, but we didn’t give up without a fight. At halftime the score was 19-21! We were one basket away from tying the best team we play!! Every player on the court was very proud to say she did her best that night. Next we played Loyalton, two games in a row!  January 29th we played them at home. Everyone applauded our team for keeping up our sportsmanship no matter what. The whole team was very proud of Alexis Whittaker for keeping our score in the game with her amazing three-pointers! It’s a really good feeling hearing the other team say, “Dang it! We didn’t reach our goal of 70 points.” When you hear a comment like that, you know your defense was awesome! January 31st we played Loyalton away. It was another great game in our season, because we fought our hearts out to keep the ball all game long. We made our season record of most points scored, and walked away proud because we did our very best against a really good team. Ali Rambo did an awesome job of staying open for the pass and making all of her layups! Then we played Greenville away a week later on February 4th. It was a very competitive game, and the score went back and forth like a pendulum! The score was within a shot the entire time, except for the last 20 seconds when Greenville snuck in a few steals and won the game. Jojo Epps scored a few steals from their team though, with her quick feet and long arms!

These past few weeks have been a little hectic to say the least, but the students at the school would much rather be busy than bored! We all look forward to delivering your flowers tomorrow! And don’t forget to come to our Alumni Boys Basketball Game on February 28th at 5:30 in the gym!