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Special Education Local Plan

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Sierra County’s SELPA provides quality leadership and support to the Sierra Plumas Unified School District, our county parents, and our county students by promoting and insuring delivery of services to maximize and enhance educational opportunities for children with special needs.

The Sierra County Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) is one of 117 SELPA’s within California. SELPA’s must ensure that special education services are available to all eligible children residing within our region and we oversee the distribution of funds to schools. We have a developed a Local Plan describing how it will provide special education services. Our SELPA is responsible for special education programs run by the Sierra County Office of Education as well as the Sierra Plumas Joint Unified School District.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact other parents of special needs children?

Join our CAC, Community Advisory Council. Contact the Special Education Director for current information.

What is Special Education?

Special education is instruction designed to meet the unique learning strengths and needs of the individual student with disabilities from ages 0 to 22 years
of age:

  • Specifically designed instruction
  • No cost to the parents
  • To meet the unique needs of a child with a disability
  • Special education services may be provided in a variety of educational settings, but are required by IDEA to be delivered in the least restrictive environment

Who is Eligible for Services

A student must be evaluated and identified as having a disability to be eligible for special education programs and related services. The degree of the student’s impairment must require special education.

How can I find out what Special Education Programs are available in your SELPA?

The full continuum of program options are available in Sierra County. Contact your local school, for information on specific program and educational options.

What is Child Find?

The purpose of Child Find is to identify, locate, and evaluate children and youth ages 3 to 22 years of age who are suspected of having or have a diagnosed disability or developmental delay, in order to provide appropriate special education services under the law.

Here is a link with more information about Child Find

How do I refer my child for Special Education services?

Contact your local school of residence, or the Sierra County Office of Education to make a referral. In order to determine your child’s educational needs, we will discuss your concerns and develop an appropriate assessment plan, if necessary, or help you find guidance and interventions through your local school’s Student Student Team.

May a parent contact the SELPA office directly if they have questions regarding special education services or placement?

The SELPA staff are always available as a resource to parents. Please call (530) 993-4485.

Does the SELPA provide advocacy services for parents?

SELPA staff is often called upon to facilitate the IEP process on behalf of both parents and districts. We can also help you contact outside agencies.

How can I get information regarding my Due Process rights?

The SELPA staff is knowledgeable and will provide parents with information regarding Due Process. Also you may click here…