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An obstacle for LHS that remains is transportation.  Need a job? Apply as a bus driver.


Letter from James Berardi, Superintendent 

Good Evening Sierra-Plumas families, this is Superintendent James Berardi with a message to update you on the current school plan for the coming year. As I stated in my last all call, we will be opening school with distance learning per the requirements of being on the states monitoring list. We are not allowed to open for in person instruction as originally planned. Because of the current situation the administration team and the Sierra-Plumas Teacher Association felt that additional time was needed to adjust to this model. We know that at the end of last year was difficult for families and staff alike. Never having to deliver instruction in this way, we did our best under those circumstances. Moving forward, we are adjusting the official start date to allow the staff much needed time to create a better model. All schools in the district will now begin distance learning instruction on Tuesday the 8th of September. Much effort was put into our original plan for face-to-face instruction and now we are moving into the backup plan. This decision was approved by the school board this past Tuesday. I want you all to know that this is still a fluid situation and may change again as mandates change and evolve. Even though we are starting the year in a distance learning model, it is our hope that at some time we will be able to return to a in person format as allowable and practical. We all believe that face-to-face instruction is what we should be doing and will continue to work within the system to make it happen if possible. You may view the new 2020-2021 school calendar at the district and school websites. Our thoughts and prayers are with all Sierra County residents that have been impacted by Loyalton Fire. Thank you and stay safe.


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Here’s a great document on how to keep a daily educational schedule for your children at home:

Here is a site with virtual field trips for your child:


The decision to call off or delay school is not made until  careful analysis of current road and weather conditions. SPJUSD will  this web page as an additional avenue for parents and students to obtain “snow day” or “closures” information. SPJUSD also use our FaceBook page to get information and updates out. Our FaceBook page is located at the following link A phone call, “All Call”,  will go out, generally by 6:00-7:00 A.M. to each student’s home. If you are not on the “All Call” list, please call 530-993-4454 or the District Office at 530-993-1660.

You will be notified at the normal call time if we implement a delayed start, and the period of delay (two hours) will be announced. All school and bus schedules will match this delayed start time. For example, if we call a two-hour delayed start and your child’s school normally starts at 7:30 A.M., then they will start at 9:30 A.M. If you child normally catches the bus at 7:15 A.M., then on a delayed start day, they would catch their bus at 9:15 A.M.

Important Notice
If it is a snow day, or closure, every attempt to update the information  will be made. However, technical difficulties with Internet access, or at the website, as well as electrical outages or phone line problems, could result in this site, or the methods above, not being able to provide accurate, updated information.

Be aware that the Loyalton Schools may be affected or closed while Downieville is in session, or vice versa.