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First day of School August 28th

Welcome New Superintendent!

James Berardi SPJUSD Superintendent

Mr. James Berardi will serving as our new SPJUSD Superintendent. View or Download the new 2020 Superintendent Contract

Photo Credit: Nevada County school superintendent improves district, wins award. Local News | March 7, 2013

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ADULT EDUCATION IS HERE! Sierra County Schools for Adults


EMT Crew with patient on gurneySierra County Adult School is offering an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Course, Starting October 1st, 2019. Emergency Medical Responders are usually the First Responders to a medical or trauma event. They are able to do an emergency assessment and use lifesaving skills to intervene in a medical or trauma emergency until EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses or Doctors are able to get to the scene. The EMR Course is an entry level course that can help you decide if you want to pursue other health careers. 

The Course is free except for the cost of the book which is “Emergency Medical Responder” by Chris LeBaudour, 11th Edition published by Pearson. 

The Course will be held at Downieville School, Room 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting, October 1st from 6PM to 9PM and ending November 26th, 2019. The instructor will be Frank Lang, NP,JD. The Course is open to everyone and our communities desperately need your help and your skill. You can also take this course if you just want to better understand your body and your health for personal or family reasons.

If you are interested in more information or have questions, please contact Frank Lang at 530-289-3644 or send an email to foekej@gmail.com. To register for the class contact Wendy Jackson at 1-530-933-1660-180 or wjackson@spjusd.org.  We will also be doing an EMT Course starting in January, 2020.

Mission & Vision Statement

We envision schools where all children succeed, where all children feel safe, and where their curiosity is cultivated. We provide an educational environment that encourages productive, responsible citizens. It is our goal to equip students with the tools to live and to contribute successfully in a rapidly changing world. Our schools offer a challenging, meaningful, and relevant curriculum that values creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication. Our students apply knowledge to new contexts and do so with honesty and integrity. Our students learn to appreciate beauty and care for the environment as well as each other and ultimately understand that their actions make a difference. Read our Strategic Plan.

Sierra County SCHOOLS

Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District is a Single District County. Our enrollment is 411 students in 4 facilities.

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Sierra County Schools for Adults

Sierra County Schools for Adults, Girl holding a book with the world on top
700 Fourth St., P.O. Box 955, Loyalton, CA 96118-0037
Phone: 530-993-4454 Fax: 530-993-4667
Visit the Sierra County Schools for Adults Webpage

Bringing  Adult Education to Sierra County, by supporting adult students in achieving academic success in pursuit of personal gratification, better employment, promotion potential, and increased post-secondary opportunities.

OFFERING BOTH IN-PERSON AND ONLINE Classed and Programs in Loyalton, Downieville, and Pike -Aleghany

Adult Basic Education, High School Diploma and equivalency courses are accepting applications for enrollment on an ongoing process. Call or email for more information. 530-993-1660 ex: 180 or contact Wendy Jackson.

Loyalton High School

700 Fourth St., P.O. Box 37, Loyalton, CA 96118-0037
Phone: 530-993-4454 Fax: 530-993-4667
Visit the Loyalton High School Website

Accommodates students in grades 7-12 from the eastern section of Sierra and Plumas counties. LHS offers seven Advanced Placement courses and several other honors classes, as well as part of its full a-g course offerings for the college-bound student. Loyalton High has been recognized as a “Distinguished School”. Learn more about Loyalton High School by visiting the California Department of Education.

Downieville School

130 School St., P.O. Box B, Downieville, CA 95936
Phone: 530-289-3473  Fax: 530-289-3693

Downieville School is a K-12 school, which is located in Downieville, the Sierra County seat. The school serves the communities of Downieville, Sierra City, Goodyear’s Bar, and surrounding rural areas. The California Department of Education recognized the High School as a “Distinguished School” and Downieville was recently recognized as a California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll School.  Learn more about Downieville School at the California Department of Education.

Loyalton Elementary School

Loyalton Elementary is accommodates students grades Kindergarten through Sixth. To find out more about LES visit the California Department of Education. 

Sierra Pass Continuation School

700 Fourth St., P.O. Box 37, Loyalton CA 96118
Phone: 530-993-1660 Ext. 160  Fax:530-993-0828

Sierra Pass is an alternative high school facility and accommodates students in grades 9-12 from the eastern section of Sierra and Plumas counties. Learn more about Sierra Pass at the California Department of Education.

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